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The common cold: Not so common soon? 普通の風邪が、普通ではなくなる?

Almost all of us have suffered from an attack of what is generally referred to as "common cold." Scientists have struggled to find a real cure for this irritating problem, but none have succeeded so far. However, some studies have now reached a point where they seem to be close to finding a remedy.

Common colds are of various types. One of the most well known types is rhinovirus. It makes up half of all common colds, with children having 8-12 attacks a year. In comparison, adults have only 2-3 attacks a year. There are almost 160 strains of rhinovirus, which makes it almost impossible to develop a single cure for all of them. Although many anti-viral treatments are there, none of them are approved for treating rhinovirus.

Peter Barlow, Associate Professor at Edinburgh Napier University, has surveyed the latest work on the common cold. Researchers at Imperial College, London have developed a compound that targets enzymes in the cells infected by the virus. Similar researches are also ongoing in North America. Professor Barlow’s own research group is developing a cure by using peptides, which can kill a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Key Vocabularies :
remedy [noun] 治療薬、治療。病気または損傷のための薬または治療,   strain [noun] 型、菌株。同じグループの他の物と比べて、いくぶん特性が異なる、特定のグループの有機体,   suffer [verb] 苦しむ、病気をする。(病気、もしくは疾患)の影響を受けるか、さらされ,   struggle [verb] 苦闘する、懸命に努力する。困難または抵抗を前にして何かを達成しようと励むこと,   irritating [adj] いらいらさせる、腹立たしい。苛立たしさ、短気、怒りを生じさせる,  




Why is it difficult to develop an effective cure for common cold?



How many times are children infected by rhinovirus in a year?



Researchers at ___ are close to a cure for the common cold.

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


None of them have succeeded so far.

In the above sentence, what does the word succeed mean?



They have developed a ____ that targets enzymes.

Fill in the blank with the appropriate option.



Why is Prof. Barlow’s team thinking of working on peptides?

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