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Europe can’t get enough of "good CO2" 欧州で「有益な炭酸ガス」不足

Food-grade carbon dioxide is much sought-after by food and drink manufacturers. Currently, there is a shortfall in food-grade CO2 in Europe, and the situation could deteriorate in future.

Food-grade CO2 has many uses in the food industry. It gives the all-important "fizz" to soft drinks and beer, enables slaughterhouses to put animals to sleep before they are killed, and acts as a preservative for packaged meat and salads. Naturally, a shortage of "good CO2" is having a major impact on the food supply chain in Europe.

The impact is being felt by a range of businesses, from soft-drink manufacturers to pub chains, from slaughterhouses to bakeries. Coca-Cola and Heineken have already closed some of their European units. Pub chain JD Wetherspoon is unable to stock enough beer for customers in the UK, while British baker Warburtons has reduced production by half. In Scotland, the country’s biggest slaughterhouse Quality Pork has had to close down.

Food-grade CO2 is supplied by companies like Praxair, Linde, and Messer. They are hoping that the crisis will end when ammonia plants restart and supplies arrive from other parts of Europe.

Key Vocabularies :
sought-after [adj] 需要のある、人気のある。需要が高い,   situation [noun] 状況。特定の場所と時間に存在する一連の状態,   deteriorate [verb] 悪化する。弱めるか悪化させる,   fizz [noun] フィズ、泡。清涼飲料水の炭酸,   stock [verb] 物を蓄える、入れる。物を販売するために在庫を持つこと,  




What is good CO2 and how is it used?



Which of the following businesses is affected by the shortage of food-grade CO2?



Which of the following is a leading baker?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The impact is being felt by a range of businesses.

Which of the following options is nearest in meaning to range?



Ammonia ____ might restart soon.

Which of the following words would you use to complete the sentence?



Why are CO2 suppliers hopeful that the problem will be over soon?

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