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Spectacles and productivity 眼鏡と生産性

A recent study has shown that spectacles, the oldest wearable known today, are an invaluable accessory for the poor, working class. The study, conducted in a tea garden in Assam (India), was led by Nathan Congdon, a professor of ophthalmology at Queen’s University, Belfast.

The scientists assembled 751 tea-pickers aged over 40 years. They gave spectacles to half of the group. Over a period of 11 weeks, the productivity of those with glasses improved by 39%. For tea-pickers, higher productivity means more earnings.

In a country with a population of more than one billion, there are millions who are not able to achieve their productivity potential because their eyesight is not corrected. If that problem could be addressed, the productivity of the country as a whole could increase substantially.

The case is not peculiar to India; proper eye care hasn’t reached the needy in many other countries. Even in China, half of the people with uncorrected long sight do not use spectacles. This is either because of a social stigma that glasses make people ugly, or due to existing laws that prevent widespread sales of glasses.

Key Vocabularies :
accessory [noun] アクセサリー。何かに付随してくる追加の品,   assemble [verb] 組み立てる。一緒にする、くっつける,   address [verb] を扱う、に取り組む。対処する、に応える,   peculiar [adj] 独特な、独自の。特別な、特定の,   stigma [noun] 汚名、恥辱。不満を表す強い感情,  




Why are spectacles important in a country like India?



In the experiment, those with glasses improved their productivity by



In China, __ of people with bad eyesight do not use spectacles.

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Spectacles are an invaluable accessory for workers.

Which of the following options is nearest in meaning to invaluable?



Many believe that glasses make them look ____.

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



Why are millions of needy people in many countries without spectacles?

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