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Who shall smile on the new 50-pound note? 新しい50ポンド紙幣で笑う人は?

The Bank of England announced recently that a new 50-pound note would be introduced in 2020 to replace the existing note of the same denomination. The new note will be made of polymer and have more security features. But that’s not what has caught the public imagination. Instead, it is the discussion about whose face should appear on the new note.

The entire issue might seem inconsequential because the 50-pound note, the highest denomination in the currency system, is rarely used in transactions. Yet, there is a flurry of campaigns by different groups to promote their choice for the face on the note. Will it be former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher? Or the Indian-origin World War II spy Noor Inayat Khan? Some of the other names being floated are those of Stephen Hawking, Alan Turing, and Jamaica-born nurse Mary Seacole.

Britain has used many faces on its notes over the last fifty years. The central bank doesn’t follow the practice of having a single face on its notes, like India or South Africa which have Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela respectively on bank notes.

Key Vocabularies :
denomination [noun] (貨幣・銀行券の)呼称単位、単位名。銀行券、硬貨、または郵便切手の額面価格,   imagination [noun] 想像、想像力。心に絵を形成する能力,   inconsequential [adj] 取るに足らない。とても重要な、影響のある,   transaction [noun] 商取引。経済活動,   float [verb] 浮かぶ。提案として進める,  




Why is the 50-pound note least circulated?



Who was Noor Inayat Khan?



What is the reason for introducing a new 50-pound note?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


Different groups are promoting their choice for the face on the note.

In this sentence, the word promote is closest in meaning to



There is a public ____ about whose face should appear on the new note.

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



What is the policy of the Bank of England about its currency notes?

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