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GSK-Pfizer announce merger of their consumer healthcare units GSKファイザー、消費者医療部門の合併を発表

GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer have decided to enter into a collaboration to sell over-the-counter healthcare products. The joint venture is expected to have sales of up to 9.8 billion pounds($12.7 billion). Pfizer will have a 32% stake, while GSK will have the controlling share of 68%.

Pfizer’s over-the-counter brands like Advil, Centrum, and Caltrate will add to GSK’s own offerings: Sensodyne, Nicorette and Excedrin. The combined unit will become the world’s largest provider of healthcare products that directly reach the public. It is expected to have a market share of 7.3%.

To implement the joint venture, GSK will split into two main business heads: one dealing with over-the-counter products, and the other focusing on prescription drugs.

The transformation at GSK has been brought about largely by CEO Emma Walmsley. She has helped finalize several deals to strengthen GSK’s offerings and market position. These include the buyout of the over-the-counter division of Novartis and acquisition of U.S.-based biotech company Tesaro. GSK is also close to selling its nutrition division to Unilever.

Key Vocabularies :
collaboration [noun] 共同で仕事をすること。提携,   implement [verb] 実施する。し始める、または使用し始めるこ,   nutrition [noun] 栄養。健康と成長のために必要な食物を得るプロセス,   transformation [noun] 変化。完全または大きな変化,   acquisition [noun] 企業買収。企業の工場、一部門、または会社全体の資産を買い取ること,  




Why have GSK and Pfizer come together?



The joint venture is expected to have a market share of



Sensodyne is a product of

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


GSK will split into two businesses.

In this sentence, the word split is closest in meaning to



She has helped finalize several deals to ____ GSK’s market position.

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



How has Emma Walmsley helped strengthen GSK’s market position?

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