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Age bias in tech startups テクノロジー系ベンチャー企業の年齢への偏見

A new study has shown that age can be a disadvantage for people seeking employment in a tech startup in America. For many such companies starting off the block, age is a guiding factor in employment. People who are slightly older are not encouraged to work in this sector.

According to Harvard Business Review, the average age of founders who have won the TechCrunch award is only 31 years. In fact, many people join the tech sector immediately after college. The resulting workforce doesn’t adhere to formal rules. They believe that they understand the target audience better and are more "in" with the times. In the U.S. there are many tech startups. They contribute significantly to the national economy.

In the U.S. tech industry, young workers are believed to be the best "culture fit." However, the problem with "culture fit" is that unless workers are around 20 years, they don’t fit. Young founders tend to hire young employees to show that they have a young and fresh team. This is a major problem for experienced workers because they do not find a place in the industry.

Apart from employers, age is a deciding factor for investors too. They are more willing to invest in a startup that has a young crowd.

Key Vocabularies :
block [noun] スターティングブロック、ブロック。何かの初期段階,   seek [verb] 求める。(何かを)得るまたは達成するために努力すること,   founder [noun] 創設者。創立する、または設立する者,   formal [adj] 正式な。所定の形式、習慣、または規則に従うこと,   crowd [noun] に押し寄せる、に殺到する。多くの人々,  




What is a new trend in the workforce at tech startups?



The average age of TechCrunch award winners is



To be "culture fit," a worker must be

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


They believe that they understand the audience better.

In this sentence, the word audience is closest in meaning to



Age is a __ factor for investors.

Which of the following options would you use to complete the sentence?



Why is a young workforce important for tech startups?

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