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Folding phones: The new path-breaking innovation 折り畳み式電話、新しい先駆的なイノベーション

Before smartphones became popular, mobile phones used to come in various shapes and sizes. With smartphones, the designs became very repetitive and boring. Mobile companies were only concerned with the size of the screen and thinness. However, things may change in 2019, with the introduction of the foldable smartphone.

Various mobile companies, such as Samsung and LG, have been trying to bring foldable smartphones in the market. Royole finally achieved this. It is a start-up company based in the U.S. and has introduced Flexpai, which is the bendable smartphone model. It was showcased in CES electronics trade show at Las Vegas in October 2018. Flexpai has a bendable 7.8-inch AMOLED screen. It is made of flexible plastic. The phone is already in the market at a starting price of $1,318 (1,209 pounds).

We may come to know more about its plan in a company event on 20 February. Xiaomi too is working with a few phone designs with a single-screen device, which folds into two places.

With bendable smartphones slowly entering the market, 2019 should be an exciting year for smartphone sellers and buyers.

Key Vocabularies :
concern [verb] 心配、懸念。(何かまたは誰かに)関すること,   repetitive [adj] 繰り返しの、反復的な。同じことを数回したり、言ったりする,   introduce [verb] 紹介する。何かを世に送り出すこと,   enter [verb] 入る。来る、または持ち込まれる,   thinness [noun] 薄さ。反対側の表面が近い状態または特性,  




Why is Royole in the news?



What type of screen is used in the Flexpai phone?



What is the market price of the Flexpai phone?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


2019 should be an exciting year for smartphone sellers.

In this sentence, the word exciting is closest in meaning to



Designs of mobile phones became very ___.

Which of the following words would you use to complete the sentence?



What is the future of smartphones?

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