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Internet determining book covers 本の表紙を決めるインターネット

Book covers are a significant part of a book. Most publishers or book companies spend a lot in developing the cover of the book. A book’s cover is the first feature that attracts a potential buyer to a book. The covers are also constantly evolving and serving various purposes.

Today, most people buy books online. Companies these days are trying to make covers that look great even in very small size. Many people post their selfies with book covers on Instagram. Therefore, covers should be catchy enough for Instagram post. Designers are using bold lettering and intense colors to make covers attractive for online posts. Be it subtle layering or bold shapes, collages look beautiful on screen and people love them.

Millennial pink seems to be the favorite color for book covers currently. The rosy tones of this color are better than a simple pink color. A simple image or rough handwritten fonts are used with this color. Today the book cover should be such that one can take a selfie with it and post on Instagram.

Key Vocabularies :
evolve [verb] を進化させる。一定の期間を経て次第に変化させること,   millennial [adj] ミレニアル世代。21世紀初めに青年期を迎える人たち,   subtle [adj] 微妙な、繊細な。分析または説明することが難しいくらい非常に精密な、または正確な,   selfie [verb] セルフィー。自分で撮った自分が写った写真。特にスマートフォンで撮ったもの,   tone [noun] 口調。色合いまたは色の影の特定の品質,  




According to the text, why is the design of book covers important?



Designers prefer ___ color to make books attractive.



Along with a colorful design, publishers are using __ to attract buyers.

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


A book’s cover is the first feature that attracts a buyer to a book.

In this sentence, the word feature is closest in meaning to



The book covers should be ___ for an Instagram post.

Which of the following words would you use to complete the sentence?



What are publishers and authors trying to do to make their books successful?

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