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Warner strikes a music deal…with an algorithm! ワーナー、アルゴリズムと音楽で取引

A music contract between a recording company and an artist are worth millions. However, Warner Music has struck a different kind of deal. Instead of collaborating with a musician, the company has signed an algorithm to churn out several albums a year.

The algorithm behind the German music app is called Endel. According to the deal, Endel will deliver 20 albums each year, totaling 600 short tracks. Each album runs for one hour. The algorithm helps generate various kinds of music based on a user’s requirements, such as need for relaxation, improving concentration, or falling asleep.

Five of the 20 albums are already out: Clear Night, Cloudy Afternoon, Cloudy Night, Foggy Morning and Rainy Night. Each album contains music composed by Dmitry Evgrafov, but they have been created with minimum human involvement and mostly through software. The albums can be streamed by users on Spotify and Apple Music.

Warner Music and Endel have a 50-50 share agreement on royalties.

Key Vocabularies :
churn out [verb] 大量生産する、量産する。何かをあまり考えずに大量に自動的に製造する,   collaborate [verb] 共通の目的のために、共同でおこなう。協力する。,   concentration [noun] 集中する。1つの目的または活動に全神経を注ぐこと,   generate [verb] 生成する。(何か)を生み出す、または(何かを)生み出させること,   contract [noun] 契約。協定、特に文書化された法的有効性があるもの,  




What is different about Warner Music’s contract with Endel?



Which album has already been released by Endel for Warner Music?



Endel will deliver ____ short tracks each year.

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The albums can be streamed on Apple Music.

In this sentence, the word stream is closest in meaning to



Warner Music has _____ a different kind of deal.

Which of the following words would you use to complete the sentence?



How will the music albums created by Endel help users?

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