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"Rabbit" becomes priciest artwork ever by a living artist 「ウサギ」、生存する芸術家による最高値の芸術品に

Jeff Koons, an artist from Pennsylvania, has become the creator of the most expensive artwork by a living person. His stainless-steel sculpture "Rabbit" was auctioned for a record price of $91.1 million.

Since the 1980s, Koons has been working in the area of pop art in various forms. He is well known for using hot-air balloon toys and shaping them in steel. The 41-inch "Rabbit" is his second sculpture to attract a high price. In 2013, his steel-cast "Dog" sold for $58.4 million.

Many argue that Koons is not a true artist and does not create art. Instead, he only gives a larger-than-life images to useless things. Others say that he is a true pop artist because he breaks barriers by working with dreary objects. Whatever be the argument, with two art pieces selling at record prices, Koons is one of the biggest artists of our times.

Key Vocabularies :
artwork [noun] 芸術品。何かを表現するための絵,   record [adj] 記録的な。過去最高の。,   sculpture [noun] 彫刻。大理石、粘土、または金属で形をとることで作られた姿やデザイン,   barrier [noun] 障壁。進歩を妨げるもの、または誰かが何かを達成するのを難しくする,   dreary [adj] 退屈で面白みのない。姿がぱっとしない、暗く、どんよりした,  




What makes Jeff Koons’ Rabbit unique?



Koons' "Dog" was sold for



What material has been used to create the "Rabbit"?

Look at the underlined word or phrase and choose the answer that is closest in meaning.


The "Dog" was also cast in steel.

In the above sentence, the word cast is closest in meaning to



Many believe that Koons only gives a larger-than-__ images to useless things.

Which of the following words would you use to complete the sentence?



Why do many experts consider Jeff Koons to be a good pop artist?

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