Ninjas wanted to promote tourism in Japan 日本の観光業を宣伝したかった忍者





Successful candidates will go through a one-month training course in April. The last date for applying for the job is March 22.


Ninjas wanted to promote tourism in Japan

It doesn’t matter if you live in the 21st century, several centuries after the peak period of the ninjas in feudal Japan. If you are trained in ninja warfare, you stand to find employment in Japan’s Aichi prefecture.

Are you physically fit? Have you attained the age of 18 years? Do you possess the mannerisms of a secretive assassin besides being media savvy? If you can answer to these questions in the affirmative, apply now to be a professional ninja, without of course having to actually engage in the undesirable acts of a mediaeval ninja.

A job listing titled “Wanted: Full-time Ninjas” was published in Aichi prefecture in Japan. The advertisement seeks six professional ninjas to promote "warlord tourism." Those selected will be paid 180,000 yen a month (or $19,000 a year) plus bonuses (which include transportation compensation). The job will come with a one-year contract starting May 1, 2016. The work hours will be 9 am to 4.30 pm, although overtime work is also possible depending on the venue and the event. The job will have a day-off each week.

Back in the 15th century, a ninja was a mercenary trained to conduct unconventional warfare and participate in nefarious activities like espionage, assassinations, and sabotage. Because of their methods, ninjas were looked down upon by the samurai who believed in fair combat. More than six centuries later, a different breed of ninjas is now in demand: those who can attract and captivate tourists.

The authorities are on the lookout for acrobats with media experience, although ability to speak Japanese is not compulsory. This is because the troupe will sometimes perform in English. However, a passion for history and tourism is mandatory. The job doesn’t call for any background as a fighting ninja. However, job winners are expected to be experts at backward handsprings and dance moves, which will be presented to tourists and the media in the form of theatrical performances and promotional activities. They will perform at the Nagoya Castle and various other locations and also pose for photographs with tourists.

According to the advertisement, the duties of each hired ninja will include rendering ninja performances, replicating the ninja experience through rented ninja costumes, handling the shuriken, handing out leaflets, taking pictures with tourists, and acting as promoters of tourism in Aichi through various media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

Gender and nationality is no bar for the advertised job. If you are kid-friendly, an acrobat, and skilled in medieval weaponry and the shuriken, you stand a good chance of bagging the job. Those applying from overseas can apply for the auditions by e-mail with their resume (including a photograph), citizenship details, career, skills, and reason for applying for the job in Japan) by March 22. The first round of screening will be through the examination of the documents, and this will be followed by a final audition in the form of an interview and demonstration of skills on March 30.

Speaking to The Japan Times, Satoshi Adachi of Aichi's Tourism Promotion Department said, "Our ninjas also have to be good at talking to promote tourism." Successful candidates will go through a one-month training course in April. The last date for applying is fast approaching, so it’s time to sharpen those ninja skills!

Aichi prefecture is perhaps inspired by the successful documentation of ninja culture in neighboring Mie prefecture. The ninja museum in Iga city combines historical details with acrobatic performances drawn from tales related to the medieval warriors. Iga has promoted itself as the home city of the ninjas because there was a time when many ninjas resided in the city. Ninjas, also called shinobi, had grown into prominence in the surcharged atmosphere during the "warring states" period of the 15th century. With Japan’s unification in the 17th century, the ninjas receded into oblivion.

In the modern era, ninjas were so far the subject of many legends and fables, but the concept of a ninja meant little else in Japan. However, with the forthcoming Olympic Games in 2020, many prefectures are increasingly keen to leverage historical ideas to get a slice of the booming tourism industry in the country.

Undoubtedly, tourism is going to be a lynchpin of Japan’s economic drive leading up to the Games in Tokyo. With millions of tourists expected to arrive in Japan, performances by the ninjas could showcase a part of the country’s history to the visitors.


  • skilled : [adj] 熟練した、特殊技能を持つ、。何かを上手に行う能力や経験を持っていること
  • promote : [verb] 促進する。支援する、または(大義、事業など)積極的に勧めること
  • acrobatic : [adj] アクロバットの、軽業的な。見世物的な体操の技術を行う
  • theatrical : [adj] 演劇の。演技、役者、または劇場に関連した
  • land : [verb] 獲得する、手に入れる。入手する、勝ち取る








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