Disney park enters mainland China ディズニーパーク、中国本土で開園





It will cost around $75 for adults and $60 for children on weekends and holidays.


Chinese zodiac=〔中国の暦などで〕十二支

spread across=~に散在する


  • gymnast : [noun] 体操選手。肉体的および精神的に機敏かつ熟練するよう訓練された人
  • admission : [noun] 入場。ある場所または組織に入ることが許されるプロセスまたは事実
  • house : [verb] 収容する、住居を与える。収容場所を設ける
  • typical : [adj] 典型的な、独特な。普通または通常
  • attraction : [noun] アトラクション。人々が訪れたい、見たい、またはしたいと思う、面白い、または楽しい何か


ディズニーの最新テーマパークは6月16日に上海でオープンした。建築費用は55億ドルで、ディズニーの海外最大の投資である。全面積は963エーカーで、「Treasure Cove」、「 Roaring Rapids」、「Giant Castle」などの典型的なディズニーのアトラクションが含まれている。

しかし、このテーマパークは中国の土地柄を活かしたアトラクションもある。中国建築で建てられた「Wandering Moon tea house」、中国十二支がテーマの庭、そして中国の体操選手が主演するミュージカルショーの「ターザン」などだ。



After a decade of planning and five years in the making, Disney’s newest theme park opened in Shanghai on June 16 to dark skies and rain. However, the weather failed to dampen the enthusiasts. Built at a cost of $5.5 billion, the park is Disney’s biggest investment overseas. When its gates opened, thousands of Disney enthusiasts poured into the colossal 963-acre facility that houses typical Disney attractions along with a distinctly Chinese character. This is Disney's sixth resort, and the fourth overseas. The other foreign locations are in Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

The park is divided into six “lands”: Fantasyland, Treasure Cove, Tomorrowland, Gardens of Imagination, Adventure Isle, and Mickey Avenue, with Fantasyland being the largest. The castle at the Shanghai park is the tallest in any Disney park towering 196.8 feet above Fantasyland. However, keeping the local flavor in mind, the park includes a Chinese-style Wandering Moon tea house, a Chinese Zodiac-themed garden, and a Tarzan musical featuring Chinese acrobats. The entire park has 4.5G Wi-Fi access provided by Huawei and China Unicom, which will enable visitors to share their experiences with friends on social media.

Disney hopes to attract many of the 330 million people who live within a three-hour radius of Shanghai. The park is Disney’s joint venture with China-based Shanghai Shendi Group, which owns 57% of the park. Apart from the financial investment, Disney has also splurged technology freely at the park. It is designed by Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) with the help of Building Information Modeling (BIM), a 3D model-based process. This 3D process has been used to design many of the park’s attractions including the Steamboat Willie entrance fountain to Roaring Mountain. Disney’s engineers (called the “Imagineers” by Disney) have combined the 3D models with tablets on site, besides utilizing the most advanced virtual reality headsets and Digital Immersive Showroom (DISH) technology to share their progress. DISH has enabled the Imaginers to work from various locations simultaneously, for example, some working from Shanghai and others from Glendale, California, and Orlando. Most of the rides were tested in a 3D environment well before the actual construction started in 2011.

The park is already being criticized for the high admission fee. It costs around $75 for adults and $60 for children on weekends and holidays. On weekdays and off-peak days, an adult ticket costs $57. That means a two-day weekend ticket for one couple and a child is almost as much as China’s average urban monthly wage. According to some reviews, there are serpentine queues for rides and visitors can enjoy only few rides through the day. This has raised the question whether charging an exorbitant amount is justified if visitors manage to have only three rides a visit. This might also have a negative impact on the number of repeat visits.

However, for the flagging Chinese economy, the Shanghai Disney Park could be a major boost. The park is opening at a time when China’s economic growth is the slowest in decades. However, echoing the government’s upbeat sentiment regarding the economy, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang said that foreign investments have increased this year, which points to “the attractiveness of China to the global investment community.” According to estimates, the park could contribute $3.3 billion annually to Shanghai’s economy and 1% to the city’s GDP. When the Hong Kong park opened in 2005, attendance was below par at first, but gathered momentum later. Hopefully for the Chinese economy, the Shanghai park will do even better than that.

According to forecasts by Wells Fargo analyst Marci Ryvicker, the park will likely see an attendance between 7 million and 17 million every year. In monetary terms, this will equate to annual revenues between $800 million and $3.1 billion. Disney’s total revenue last year was $52.5 billion with an income of $14 billion.

Disney’s Shanghai park will not have it all its way. There is likely to be a two-way conflict competition between the park and the Nanchang Wanda Park operated by the Dalian Wanda Group company. Although Disney’s park is almost twice the size of Wanda, its prices too are also double. However, as Richard Huang reports on China’s entertainment industry for Nomura investment bank, there is room in China for both parks to be successful, but both companies will be involved in a keen tussle to win the patronage of the youth population in China.

By 2020, it is expected that the tourism industry in China will be twice as much as today. By that time, 60 more parks will have opened in China, thus hotting up the competition. As Bloomberg reports, these parks will include Dalian Wanda Group’s chain of 15 “Wanda Cities,” DreamWorks Animation’s $2.4 billion DreamCenter (which opens next year), and a marine park by Haichang Ocean Park Holdings.




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