Changing Perspectives 物の見方・視座を変えてみよう!

今回は「Changing Perspectives 物の見方・視座を変えてみよう!」という内容です。Markさんのいつもながらのポジティブなメッセージをお聴き下さい。



Changing Perspectives

As a part of mindfulness, which to me means staying focused on the moment in order to better appreciate the small things in life, I like to take photographs. This can be very therapeutic and allows us to have a single focus for brief moments throughout the day. It can also help us to catalogue memories. This can be effective to slow down the busy day and reminds us that there is beauty and goodness everywhere if we keep our eyes open and look for it; an endless treasure hunt, if you will. I truly believe now, in the midst of a pandemic, it is more important than ever to do so.

I am very much an amateur photographer, but like everyone these days, since I usually have a camera in hand, I take a lot of photos. The interesting thing about photography, something people seem to know intuitively, is that changing the camera angle, even by just a few degrees, the photo will be very different based on the light at that moment and the perspective. In other words, changing the perspective, even slightly, will change the outcome; there couldn’t possibly be a better metaphor for life.

Whatever you would like to call it, the winter blahs, or the pandemic blues, we are all feeling some anxiety about the present and the future. Over the past year, there are several terms that we are using more than ever before; social distancing, isolation, quarantine, and pandemic fatigue to name a few. The latter one, pandemic fatigue is the one I would like to focus on. This refers to the fact that we are all feeling some sort of stress because we’ve had to make major changes to our lifestyle, and, simply put, we are tired of it. So, how can we change that?

Well, since we cannot really change the world around us, we must try to somehow change ourselves. We need to change our perspective. If you’ve been cooped up at home all day, go for a walk in the sunshine…or rain. Perhaps we can set some aims for the walk. What things do we observe? What sounds do we hear? How many floors have been added to the building that is under construction? The possibilities are endless. The point is, by keeping our eyes open to new things, new thoughts are stimulated, and in doing so, new perspectives can be enjoyed. Let me end with a quote from the 13th century poet, Rumi. “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

Wishing you perfect health and happiness, always.

Mark Tofflemire
Tailor Made Inc.


視点を変える マインドフルネスの一環として、私は写真を撮るのが好きです。これは非常に心を癒してくれ、一日のうちのほんの一瞬に集中することができます。また、思い出のカタログを作るのにも役立ちます。忙しい一日をゆっくりと過ごすのにも効果的ですし、目を開けて探せば、どこにでも美しさや良さがあることを思い出させてくれます。パンデミックの真っ只中にある今、それを行うことはこれまで以上に重要なことだと私は信じています。



まあ、私たちは本当に私たちの周りの世界を変えることはできませんから、我々は何とか自分自身を変えようとするしかありません。私たちは、私たち自身の視点を変更する必要があります。一日中家に閉じこもっていたら、お日様の光の中を散歩してみたり、雨の中を散歩してみたり。散歩の目的を設定してみるのもいいかもしれません。私たちは何を観察していますか?どんな音が聞こえるだろうか?建設中の建物は何階建てになったのだろうか? 可能性は無限大です。ポイントは、私たちの目を新しいものに開いておくことによって、新しい思考が刺激され、そうすることで、新しい視点を楽しむことができます。最後に13世紀の詩人ルーミーの言葉を引用して終わりにしましょう。"昨日の私は賢かったので、世界を変えたいと思った。今日、私は賢くなったので、自分自身を変えようとしている。





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